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The Big List II FAQ

Before e-mailing us with questions, see if we don't already have some of your answers here.  If not, send us a brief e-mail and we'll try to get you the answers ASAP... or check out NikeTalk where 8,000+ other shoe freaks reside and you can often find the answers to all of your Nike athletic shoe questions. (Email us)

Question:  Why are some Nikes and older Jordans not listed?
Answer:  Because this isn't a complete list, many shoes are not listed.  If you want a shoe listed send us an e-mail and please include the name, product code number, manufactured date (if available), original price (if available), and colorways that were available (if available).  If you have a picture, you may also submit that as well.  We prefer .jpq formatted photos, but any type will be fine.  If we choose to list your shoe, you will be notified.  Please keep in mind that due to the vast number of requests we receive daily, it may take some time to process your request.

Question:  Where are all the running shoes and cross trainers?  Where are the women's and kid's shoes?
Answer:  We only list men's basketball shoes because those are the shoes that we are interested in as collectors.  Sorry.

Question:  Can you explain how the Nike product codes work?  Can you explain how the Nike color codes work?
Answer:  Other than the fact the the Jordan line begins with 136XXX, and basketball shoes begin with 624XXX, 630XXX, or 830XXX; there is no correlation that we can determine.   For a brief explanation of the color codes, see Nike Color Codes Explained.

Question:  Can we buy these shoes from you?  How come I can't buy some of these shoes?
Answer:  No.  Unless otherwise noted, all links are to the website and can only be purchased through them.  Some of the links are to older models which are no longer available, or to newer models which are not yet available.  If you'd like to know when newer models will be released, check out NikeTalk.

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